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ToeFWJEcv6gi3FGvHSmq75UT9lTqzyT06IpmLP0UJvQ “We had a great time! The tour, location and people were so lovely and we are so glad we spent these six days with you while we were in Brazil. The yoga teacher was perfect for the tour, I enjoyed the yoga classes very much and the tours during the day were lovely. The location of the house was perfect with nice accommodation and very good food with a lot of variation. Thank you so much for the perfect yoga retreat!”

Inger Ase Hernes, Norway August 2016

unspecified “Thank you for organizing this beautiful trip! What a heart opening country, Peru is. It was an wonderful experience and it went very well and organized. The tour leader was great and the tour was created perfectly, and local guide was also truly nice, good team!! I will go back to Peru for more adventure.”

Mariam Israelyan, United States, March 2016

SylviaMP 2 “Peru is beautiful! I like how the key sights were already organized and the tour was even better than I expected. I liked learning about the local culture and visiting the local community was really neat. The guides were excellent and made the experience wonderful and ensured knew what to expect, had the right supplies etc.

I liked the yoga teachers and give them top ratings, especially how they accommodated a “beginner” like myself. They took into consideration the altitude changes and busy days. The locations had beautiful settings and the food was good overall. The tour was really worth it given the value I got from the awesome experience.”

Sylvia, United States, February 2016

11206132_868030026608870_9079212582676085412_n “Attended 6-days Yoga retreat in Ilha Grande and everything about this trip exceeded my expectations.It was simply one of the best experiences I’ve ever had. The organizer made everyone so at ease and the trip was very well planned. The yoga teacher was out of this world and really hands on. Everyone in the group seems to have instantly got on so well and have shared exceptional meals together with lots of laughters at the pousada. It was in an absolutely gorgeous setting, the view from the pousada was completely breathtaking.

I very much appreciate the personalized touch of the tour organization and we had lots of fun together! I would definitely recommend retreats with Green Stone Journeys to anyone and would certainly love to go myself for another adventure with them in the future!”

Yuko Yukoi, England October 2015

minesh “The tour was excellent. The location was amazing and the food was exceptional. The yoga teacher was excellent and managed to teach a perfect balance of classes which were both challenging and restorative.

On top of that there were fantastic daily activities which the whole group enjoyed. I’d recommend travelling with Green Stone Journeys.”

Minesh Vaghji, England August 2015

fabiana “I had great time on the tour, all was very professional and organized and the location and meals were amazing.

The yoga teacher was the best I ever had and the whole team was incredible and I enjoyed every minute. It was perfect in all aspects and above my expectations, for sure an unforgettable experience.”

Fabiana Poli, Italy August 2015

15394_10153090853741291_4377406819819870133_n 2 The yoga teacher was great – she quickly gaged our levels of experience and went at the perfect pace to ensure we felt comfortable. She was friendly, approachable and very calming with her instructions. The beach house was lovely. Spacious, clean, well kept and presented. The cook was brilliant and the quality and quantity of food was first class and we definitely never went hungry!

The group of people on the tour really made it special for me. It was so nice to go away as a solo traveller and come away feeling like you had made a whole new group of friends! I will never forget the beauty of the island – the sounds, sights and how it made me feel emotionally. I was able to forget about everything back home and just ‘be!’ The whole experience was brilliant – it really was a journey of discovery!

Eleaner Risdale, Scotland March 2015

Luca-christo “The experience with Green Stone was fabulous. This tour was a good mix between discovering amazing places with friendly guides and discovering by yourself.

All the yoga teachers I met during this experience were highly qualified and offered a practice that gave me the opportunity to get in touch with my own body and to release tensions in some specific areas. An amazing masseuse also allowed me to heal a chronic pain I was suffering from during several months.

What else can I say? Everything flew, everything was perfect and made this Brazilian experience

Luca Puliafito, Zurich Nov 2014


The personal touch was the most enjoyable aspect of the tour. I felt a thousand times more relaxed and whole after a week.

The change was really noticeable and the feeling of being looked after really set me up to have space to nurture myself, which I find hard to come by in daily life.

Brittany Jack, Scotland Sept 2014

1524823_10201236367368117_741238960_n As a custom tour experience with GSJ the programs were adjusted for my preference and for weather, and it felt like I had someone to help me personally organize the things I wanted to do and accompany me along the way. The most I enjoyed about my experience were the yoga sessions. All of the instructors were fantastic and have inspired me to reignite my practice long term. I can’t say enough about how amazing the sessions were.

The local guide was also very knowledgeable and friendly and locations were beautiful with great breakfasts. The optional massages were also fantastic, it seems GSJ knows how to find all the best people! I would recommend GSJ tours and travel with them again.

Katie Weber, USA April 2014
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