About GSJ Tours

  • What kind of people travel with Green Stone Journeys?

    GSJ tours are designed for those seeking meaningful journeys with a sense of wellbeing and are for single travelers, friends, couples and anyone wanting a new sense of adventure.

    On our general group departure tours people come from many different countries including Europe, Canada, the United States, Australia, New Zealand, and anywhere else for that matter! Each group is different creating its own diversity for each unique journey.

    Tours are mainly in English, but we also have Spanish and Portuguese Yoga Teachers and Tour Leaders to communicate along the way.

    Our Custom made tours are for Yoga Teachers and groups from all over the world looking for special places to learn and practice yoga, enjoy yoga adventure tours and Island Retreats in unique and stunning locations on and off the beaten track.

  • What is the typical age of people who travel with Green Stone Journeys?

    Our tours encourage people of all ages yet are generally around 20–60 years old. Any person with an adventurous spirit, willing to have fun, reasonably fit and conscientious about how they travel are welcome on our journeys.

    Our yoga journeys are for beginner to advanced yoga students and from all backgrounds seeking to explore yoga in new places and with new people.

    While the yoga teachers pay attention to detail and alignment in the postures for each person, the emphasis is on your personal experience and to create awareness and to have fun while traveling to the locations that we visit.

  • How many people are on a tour?

    Our group tours have a minimum of 4 travelers and a maximum of 12 for all of our trips. Small group journeys with GSJ are created to allow for the personal experience and attention to give each group an enhanced personal experience and atmosphere.

    Small groups also allow us to travel more responsibly and with more manageability to monitor and implement sustainable tourism policies.

    Custom made tours may have different group sizes and requirements depending on the requests.

  • What are the physical ratings of the tours?

    A general standard level of fitness is required for all tours. For our tours, you are required to be flexible regarding travel and issues that may arise and have the ability to get around various locations by yourself, get on and off of travel buses with ease and often in hectic traffic, cope with possible long travel days as well as some night buses. Things are really different in Latin America and we appreciate your open mind in learning about them!

    You are also required to be able to lift and carry your own luggage at all times. We recommend baggage that has wheels or is easy to pull.

    Our yoga tours are designed for all level of yoga students. General health and wellbeing is required to participate in the tours. You are required to answer a health questionnaire and sign a waiver prior to participating on your yoga adventure tours and wellness retreats. We will also ask for your personal and medical information to inform our yoga teachers of your level and experience. Level and experience doesn’t matter for us, but we need to be informed to adjust the classes appropriately for you!

    On a yoga tour or any other tour, there is free time and optional activities for you to choose in each location to suit your own interest and physical capacity. These options may include hikes, horseback riding, kayaking or other activities from easy to moderate level for your own comfort level.

  • What is a slow pace travel style?

    Our itineraries are programmed to move at a ‘slow pace’ travel style. For some travellers, the most tiring part of the tour is moving from place to place quickly to see as much as you can which usually takes more importance over the quality of the tour.

    Our tours encourage a slow pace travel with quality time in each place for you to get the most out of your travel time and budget.

  • About the Yoga Classes

    Our yoga classes cater to advanced and basic level yoga students. Students of all ages and levels are welcome. During our classes on the tours, we encourage you not to go beyond your own comfort level. It is your responsibility as a student and yoga practitioner to take control of your own wellness and flexibility during each yoga class.

    All participants of the yoga tours will sign a compulsory waiver prior to joining a tour. If you have any special physical conditions or injuries, you will be required to sign a special waiver and also inform Green Stone Journeys prior to travel and speak personally with the yoga teacher upon your arrival. For elderly practitioners, you will require a doctor’s note before confirming your place on the tour.

  • I have never done yoga before but I really want to try? Can I travel on one of your yoga tours?

    Yes, beginners are encouraged to join our yoga adventure tours. It is a great way to be introduced to yoga and an amazing way to journey through Brazil.

    Our tours are for any level yogi, a beginner willing to try or for an advanced yogi looking to deepen their practice. Our Yoga Teachers encourage an experience of yoga to create awareness and improve relaxation. We remind all students that it is not the stamina or flexibility that creates the experience of yoga, but your own personal experience of it.

    Be it a beginner or an advanced yogi, our classes and teachers are adaptable to all levels on every tour.

  • What type of Yoga classes are on the tours?

    Our tours and itineraries are different, but most tours will offer a mix of Hatha, Vinyasa and Iyengar yoga classes combining relaxation, physical postures and some meditation. Check each one of our tours and our yoga teachers to know what yoga classes will be offered and variations are available depending on each teacher.

  • What are the food options and special needs on the different tours?

    Green Stone Journeys tours include food in most of the itineraries. This creates a unique atmosphere for our guests as well as having an opportunity to enjoy healthy and delicious food while travelling with us. Please note, we do not offer a de-tox menu, as our tours are designed to be yoga adventures and wellness travel and not based on a personal cleansing regime.

    We do offer very healthy options with vegetarian and non-vegetarian options at our locations, but we may throw in some cake and sweets as well. Don’t be surprised to have an abundance of healthy and delicious food during your travel with us. Some locations (Journey to Bahia) will offer only vegetarian meals, please read each itinerary carefully.

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